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RSNA 2023 | Visage's Top Five

RSNA 2023 | Visage's Top Five

RSNA 2023 was outstanding this year! While RSNA reported that attendance was up over 10% as compared to 2022, our badge scans were up over 20% over the same period. Buzz was in the air as Visage premiered a massive 64’ x 8’ curved video wall that anchored our booth. We’re especially proud of our presentation theaters that can comfortably support even the largest groups of customers at RSNA. And customers came out with focused attention, packing our theaters and demonstration areas the entire show. At RSNA, we demonstrated our latest innovations and shared with customers the exciting feedback we hear from their peers following the implementation of Visage 7. 

We’re so glad many of you were able to join us at RSNA 2023! We hope our summary from the show matches your experience, and if you were unable to come to Chicago, we hope you find our top five informative. Now, on with Visage’s Top Five!


1 – In their words. Not ours.

We affectionately like to say that this year, “our customers built our booth”, and in more ways than one they totally did. Messaging on our massive video wall and throughout our booth included dozens of direct customer quotes collected over the past year bringing customers live with Visage 7 | CloudPACS. It was incredibly gratifying when customers spotted their quotes and told us, “Well look at that! It’s my quote from go-live.” We really enjoyed anchoring our messaging based on customer feedback. Products, features and benefits are nice, but the positive, lasting impact Visage has made on our customers is paramount. Also for the first time at RSNA, we purposely designed the Visage Media Hub as a core part of the Visage booth to record customer feedback that we’ll be sharing with you throughout 2024.

Visage RSNA 2023 Highlights [Video]

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It never gets old hearing from customers how Visage 7 has boosted productivity, reduced burnout, eliminated downtime, improved quality, etc. The value Visage brings to our customers is truly a catalyst for positive change. One conversation we had with a prominent customer really stuck with me. We were in a completely filled large conference room discussing a variety of new initiatives when one of their leading radiologists unexpectedly paused the meeting. A hush came upon the room when he said, “I just wanted all of us to reflect on how important this moment is. I can’t tell you how pleasurable it is NOT to have an RSNA gripe session about our PACS! That’s not our conversation at all. Instead, we’re discussing higher-order problems that we’re trying to solve together.” The room immediately broke out into smiles, and that says it all.



Lastly, one of the biggest compliments we could ever get was so simple. It was actually a single word. A passerby gleefully came over to me, pointed to the booth, and said, “Showstopper”. In the magic environment that is always RSNA, that was all that had to be said, and it spoke volumes.

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2 – Imaging AI, Chat GPT and LLMs

Every conversation at RSNA 2023 included discussion and demonstration of AI. While the potential of AI is endless, it’s exciting to share the results of our ongoing customer AI collaborations. This year, we shared work-in-progress developments in Breast Screening, Aortic Calcification, Body Segmentation, Body Composition and an AI-Based Lesion Tracking Tool for Brain Metastasis. This reflects only a small portion of the exciting work we’re doing with our global research partners, but provides an exciting glimpse into the impact of AI.

AI-Powered Lesion Tracking Tool (LTT) for Brain Metastasis (Work-In-Progress) - Current + Six (6) Linked Priors  [Video]

For the fourth year in a row, Visage was a proud PACS participant in the Imaging Artificial Intelligence in Practice (IAIP) demonstration, showcasing new AI technologies and integration standards needed to embed AI into diagnostic workflow. Visage 7 is AI-Ready unlike any other PACS. With a single platform, Visage 7 enables smart workflows that bridge diagnostic imaging with research, while also supporting deep integration to third-party algorithms as demonstrated in this year’s IAIP. Using an Open AI API based on the latest standards, and tools that leverage, for example, FHIR questionnaire webforms, Python API, NIfTI (image and 3D segmentations), JSON, and PyRadiomics, the result is a unique fusion of AI and imaging that enhances diagnostic interpretation.

In addition to AI algorithm and interoperability demonstrations, Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Visage Co-Founder and Global Chief Technology Officer, was also a proud co-author with Michael P. Recht, Louis Marx Professor and Chair, NYU Langone Health, on the fascinating presentation, “Automated Categorization of Pathology in Radiology Report Impressions By GPT-4: A Tool to Enable Precision Education”. The research intends to improve radiology resident education, which has a structure that largely has not changed in over 30 years, and falsely assumes residents are exposed to the requisite breadth of pathologies during their training. Through the use of LLMs (GPT-4) automatically and accurately identifying pathologies in radiology impressions, the intent is to enable precision education where residents can strengthen their areas of individual weakness with curated cases.

3 – Introducing Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging

While RSNA is a Radiology meeting, it’s Visage customers who have been asking for us to expand the capabilities of Visage 7 into the realm of Cardiology. Their Cardiology colleagues struggle to gain fast access to massive Cardiology datasets, which is even more challenging when they need remote access. Visage 7’s speed revolutionized Radiology, and while Visage has always provided ultrafast, anywhere access and tools for Cardiology modalities such as Cardiac CT and MR, now we’ve introduced additional native Cardiology capabilities.

2023-Cardiology-ImagingVisage 7 | Cardiology Imaging

Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging is cloud-engineered and is based on the proven Visage 7 platform. Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging offers high performance, advanced interoperability and native tools for Cardiac Catherization and Echocardiography, including the following new tools:

  • Ejection Fraction Tool
  • Doppler Curve Tool
  • Doppler Velocity Tool
After watching dozens of customers experience Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging, here’s a few quotes that reinforce what we heard: “Wow, this is cool”; “Visage is on the right path”; and “Glad to see Visage is focusing on Cardiology, as our current system is so slow”.

4 – Expanding the ecosystem

Our global customer collaborations are so inspiring. Optimizing interdepartmental communication of pathology findings is integral to improved patient care, but except for custom-coded applications at some academic institutions, radiologists have always remained in the dark following the interpretation of radiology studies. Until now.

Visage 7 Radpath Hub - Email SampleVisage 7 RadPath Hub [Sample Email Notification]

Visage 7 RadPath Hub closes the loop and expands the Visage 7 ecosystem beyond Radiology. With a simple email, radiologists now have intelligent, automated and immediate correlation of pathology results to relevant radiology exams. Visage 7 RadPath Hub enables radiologists to close the loop by confirming radiology findings with pathology results, building confirmed study cohorts for research and education, while also providing the ability to launch the study instantly via the Visage 7 Viewer.

The email notification includes all of the pertinent correlation information, original radiology impression, pathology report, a hyperlink to the original study in Visage 7, and a feedback loop for the radiologist to mark the correlation based on a variety of criteria. This provides automated feedback to the interpreting radiologist, when their patient later gets a biopsy or other pathology results (e.g. after surgery) with convenient embedded hyperlinks to launch the images in Visage 7. In this fashion, the radiologist can see if their interpretation was right. The primary use case is to allow a radiologist to receive notification of a pathology report for studies they have previously dictated. The interpreting radiologist can then determine whether they want to make an addendum to their original report, as well as mark the pathology report via the included email GUI as: "Concordant", a "Learning Opportunity" or "Not Applicable".

5 – Platform is where it's at

Visage7-PlatformVisage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

While RSNA is all about showing what’s new, and what’s coming next, we encouraged customers to reflect on all that the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform offers today. In addition to Visage’s Full Stack of Visage 7 | Viewer, Visage 7 | Open Archive and Visage 7 | Workflow; Visage 7 also natively offers:

  • Visage 7 Live Connect for collaboration
  • Visage 7 Video Reports for multimedia patient engagement
  • Visage 7 Deep Search for report insights
  • Visage 7 Load Balancer for pinpoint workload distribution
  • Visage Ease/Ease Pro for mobile imaging
  • Visage Breast Density for AI, and now
  • Visage 7 RadPath Hub for radiology/pathology correlation, and
  • Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging for ultrafast access to all of your cardiology studies.

All on the same platform, with best-in-class interoperability, AI-ready, all available in the cloud, and available today.


Who else but Visage can offer such a proven, complete platform? One Viewer, single database, cloud-based Managed SaaS, and powered by a culture of continuous innovation.

Dr. Bill Boonn, CMO, Rad AI, demonstrating FHIR-based integration between Rad AI Omni Reporting and Visage 7 [Video]

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That's a wrap and thank you for a record-breaking RSNA 2023! We’re growing - we'll see you next year at RSNA 2024, in the same location, but an even larger booth! We look forward to welcoming new customers to the Visage family in 2024.

From all of us at Visage, we hope you enjoyed Visage’s Top Five from RSNA 2023, and we would like to wish you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season.