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Let's Talk About Visage's COVID-19 Response

Let's Talk About Visage's COVID-19 Response

I know this message comes at a most difficult time and I thank you for spending just a few minutes with Visage. I wanted to share with you a brief message how Visage has responded as a company, as well as how Visage can help you gain an edge in the COVID-19 fight.

Visage's COVID-19 Response | We're On-deck and Ready to Help

On March 4, Visage announced that we would not be exhibiting at HIMSS 2020. We made a statement about our commitment to the health and safety of our global team and customers. That was a difficult, but proper decision, as the very next day HIMSS formally announced that for the first time in their history, they had cancelled the annual meeting.

Even before recent events, many of our people regularly worked from home, so it has been a natural transition for us to expand our telework initiative, enabling all Visage employees to work from home for the foreseeable future.

While we are currently prevented from meeting with you face to face that does not mean that Visage cannot meet with you face-to-face, virtually. In fact, our work goes on without interruption — our implementations, customer support, sales demonstrations, sales pilots, remote training and product development — everything we do is continuing unabated. 100% of our global team is on deck and ready to help.

We will continue to use virtual meetings, global team communications and numerous other software platforms to ensure that everything in Visage 7 can be securely and remotely supported and configured. Furthermore, we have expanded our remote training efforts to meet any demands you may have in this area.

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Remote Reading | Visage 7

Visage can help. We're already working with our customers to ensure radiologists and other clinical users can access images when and where needed; from home, or other isolated locations. At Visage, we're used to working fast, and now is a time that demands speed.

Existing Visage clients are well aware that a key strength of our technology is our differentiated streaming platform providing you with native remote interpretation. Even the largest studies can be viewed on-demand without degradation in speed, fidelity or functionality, and with access to all prior exams even over consumer grade Internet.


A large number of our customers have already taken advantage of this capability and have established remote reading programs. And now with COVID-19, these clients have extended their remote reading programs to provide much needed flexibility for radiologists to read safely and securely from home, whilst still enabling them to provide round-the-clock interpretation services.

For those of you who, for whatever reason, have not yet implemented a remote reading program and are wanting to or needing to do so, we and our customers are here to help.

How Can Visage Help You?

The fight against COVID-19 is very fluid and escalating daily, so imaging departments across the globe need to think “outside the box” in order to provide radiologists, physicians and clinicians with the best possible tools in order to maximize their clinical effectiveness, while at the same time ensuring staff safety.

If your barrier to implementing a remote reading strategy is technical, Visage can help. IT activities that have been projected to take months, can be implemented now. VPN challenges? Citrix limitations? Workflow or integration worries? We have the proven experience and technical know how to work with your teams and break through these barriers. 

Best Practice Sharing for Remote Reading

We have had an overwhelming response from clients who have implemented remote reading programs. They have offered to share their experiences to help others gain that extra edge fighting COVID-19. We believe this experience is invaluable in these trying times, so please contact us so we can connect you with them.

Please reach out and let us know how we can assist. We are here to help in what can only be described as unprecedented times.

Yours sincerely,

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