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Visage News Update

Visage News Update

We’ve had a busy summer with exciting news!

Yale New Haven Health Go-Live 

During the last week of July, Yale New Haven Health (“YNHHS”) went live with the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. At the peak of the go-live, nearly 40,000 imaging studies were displayed in a single day for diagnostic interpretation and clinical access by over 1,700 unique end users.  

Yale’s 170 radiologists and thousands of clinicians now have an ultrafast, clinically rich, state-of-the-art enterprise imaging platform that is instantly accessible across Connecticut’s largest health system.

Dr. Irena Tocino, FACR, Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Informatics, Yale School of Medicine commented:

I am pleased to say that with everybody’s help we have made a successful transition to our new PACS and to a new phase in our department. The Visage team is exceptional, showing great flexibility and quickly adjusting to the ever-changing needs and expectations of users.

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Mercy Gains with Visage 7 Open Archive

Several weeks ago, Visage announced that Mercy had selected Visage 7 Open Archive, a core module of the Visage 7 single platform. Mercy’s archive will be one of the largest in North America, including the migration of 25M imaging studies and 800TB of imaging data. Impressively, the migration is already more than 50% complete. In the article, “Mercy’s Imaging Platform to Speed Access to Wide Range of Studies,” Mercy’s experience and plans with Visage were detailed by Health Data Management, where Mercy Technology Services’ Larry Aubry, Vice President - Business Partnership, explained:

As a result [of Mercy’s Deconstructed PACS strategy], radiologists have gained between 30 and 50 percent efficiency.

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